Foster and Electrique Charge to Victory in CSI3* Steel-Craft Doors 1.50m

Langley, BC — Tiffany Foster (CAN) recorded her second international win of the week Friday at Thunderbird Show Park, besting a four-horse jump-off aboard 5 Roosters’ Electrique in the CSI3* Steel-Craft Doors 1.50m.

Foster is seeing success at both ends of the spectrum when it comes to her string. After winning the CSI3* tbird Speed Thursday with 17-year-old Brighton, her second victory came with 9-year-old Electrique. Foster has been riding Brighton for a decade; she got the ride on Electrique during the winter season in Wellington.

I think that as a rider, you you feel so much confidence on the horses you know. So I’ve had Brighton for 10 years—can’t know a horse any better than that,” Foster said. “I also have Hamilton, Northern Light and Figor, whom I’ve had all since they were seven or eight…You feel better on those [horses] that you don’t know as well when you have such a strong top string that I have right now.”

Foster and Electrique won the first international class of their partnership at Spruce Meadows last month. They quickly added to that tally at tbird.  The pair crossed the timers of Anderson Lima’s (MEX) course in 39.95 seconds. Jaclyn Duff (CAN) and Eblesse finished second (42.46) seconds, while Kara Chad (CAN) and Igor GPH were third (4/40.24).

The class may have been won at the final jump. Foster and Electrique came with plenty of gallop to the last oxer. It appeared as if the distance might be a bit far away, but Electrique cleared the spread with ease.

“We’re definitely giving the last jump to Electrique,” Foster said.

“Fortuitous” is how Foster describes her pairing with the 9-year-old liver chestnut mare, who originally was the mount of Kent Farrington (USA). Farrington, who is also a part of the ownership group of Foster’s five-star mount Hamilton, regularly helps Foster scout horses.

Kent bought her as a 7-year old, and he rode her into the beginning of her 9-year-old year. She won a bunch of classes with him as well. She’s a super fast, super competitive horse,” Foster said. “He was having sort of an injury actually with his groinand he just kept sort of re-injuring it every time he tried to ride her.

“It kind of all just came together really at the right time, because Kent obviously helps me find horses, and he was like, ‘I don’t know where to find a better one than this. I have it in my barn,'” she added.

While Foster and Electrique proved to be a good match, fine-tuning their partnership has been a process. Despite being a mare with a bigger-build, Electrique has proven to be quite “sensitive.” Foster experimented with adjustments to her bit and bridle, as well as to her warm-up routine. This summer, things have come together. According to Jumpr App, Electrique is finishing in the top 10 at a 50% clip at 1.50m.

“It took me a little bit of time to kind of figure out all the buttons,” Foster said. “This is the name of this game, right? You’ve got to be patient, [and] you’ve got to just see what works. She doesn’t look like it, but she’s a very, very sensitive horse. And so all these little things affected her, it turns out, and now I feel like, ‘Okay, I’ve got the formula. I’ve got the formula pretty good.’”

CSI3* Steel-Craft Doors 1.50m
Horse / Rider / Nationality / Owner / Faults / Time

1. Electrique / Tiffany Foster / CAN / 5 Roosters / 0/0 39.95
2. Eblesse / Jaclyn Duff / CAN / Windermere Stables Ltd / 0/0 42.46
3. Igor GPH / Kara Chad / CAN / A.J. Postma / 0/4 40.24
4. Un Diamant des Forets / Jim Ifko / CAN / Eventyre Farms Ltd / 4/42.31
5. Luikan Q / Brian Morton / CAN / Spruce Meadows Ltd / Attache Stables / 1 81.67
6. Chardonnay / Robert Blanchette / IRL / RTS LLC / 4 75.47
7. Flinton M / Kendall Bourgeois / USA / Cameron Brown / 4 77.12
8. Battlecry / Tiffany Foster / CAN / Artisan Farms LLC / 4 77.47
9. Cactus de Cosniere / Eric Krawitt / CAN / Eric Krawitt / 4 77.82
10. Quidamo F / Kara Chad / CAN / Stone Ridge Farms LLC / 4 78.64

Year of Progress Leads Munro to MarBill Hill U25 League 1.35m Victory

Last summer at Thunderbird Show Park, Dylan Munro (CAN) and Face to Face were jumping 1.20m. This year, they won the MarBill Hill U25 League 1.35m to kick off the U25 division at the Summer Fort Classic.

Last to go in a six-horse jump-off, the pair came away with a comfortable victory. Their winning time was 41.4 seconds. Leadoff pair Olivia Stephenson (CAN) and Deister Z finished second as the only other combination to jump double-clear (42.49 seconds). Sahana Ganesan (USA) and Fast Lucca finished third (4/42.49).

“I love him to death,” Munro said of Face to Face, better known as “Frank.” “He’s been an amazing horse for me. He got me from showing in the 1.20m here last summer to jumping the U25 [classes] now at 1.40m. I’m just thrilled for that horse.”

Dylan Munro (CAN) and Face to Face. Photo ©tbird/Quinn Saunders

Anderson Lima’s (BRA) track proved to be challenging, but Munro did not pay attention to his competitors’ struggles, producing one of two clear rounds—the other being his stablemate, Jessie Prpich (USA)—in the final five riders. In the jump-off, he took a similar approach.

“Honestly, I didn’t even watch the horses that jumped off beforehand,” Munro said. “I was talking to Coach Kelly [Koss-Brix, who stepped in to help when trainer Ben Asselin had to leave the show early]. She was really helping me out, and I’m very appreciative of everything she’s done for me. I knew there weren’t many clear, but I just went in there and gave it a good shot.”

Munro and Frank began the short course with purpose, making up time early between the first two fences before more carefully measuring the fences in the latter half of the jump-off.

“I really thought I was quick going from [Jumps] One to Two there. I just had a nice pick-up, right off the bat there, and then I had to check a bit into the double. It worked out.”

Dylan Munro (CAN) and Face to Face stand for the winner’s presentation. Photo ©tbird/Quinn Saunders

 $5,000 MarBill Hill U25 1.35m

  1. Face to Face / Dylan Munro / CAN / Jonathan Asselin / 0/0 41.4
  2. Deister Z / Olivia Stephenson / CAN / Gareth Graves / 0/4 42.49
  3. Fast Lucca / Sahana Ganesan / USA / Sahana Ganesan / 0/4 42.49
  4. Fay / Stella Chernoff / CAN / Stump Lake Ranch & Cattle Co. Ltd / 0/4 42.9
  5. Pasquinelle / Emily Fitzgerald / CAN / Emily Fitzgerald / 0/12 55.87
  6. Kazou van de Kwakkelhoek / Jessie Prpich / USA / Telsec Farm Calgary Ltd / 0/EL
  7. Capitale 6 / Charlie Jones / GBR / Morning Star Sporthorses, LLC / 4 71.81
  8. Ittolo / Jarne Francken / UA / Kerri Volek / 4 72.12
  9. Cella / Taylor Winther Blair / CAN / Taylor Winther Blair / 4 74.15
  10. Concelo / Ava Wong / CAN / Ava Wong / 4 75.53

Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup 2022

The Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup returns to Langley for 2022 during the Odlum Brown BC Open tournament in June. After having to cancel the event for the past two years due to Public Health Orders surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we look forward to hosting this esteemed event once again at tbird!


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Major League Show Jumping kicks off the 2022 circuit atThunderbird Show Park


Major League Show Jumping or “the League” in short was created as a unique opportunity to elevate 5* Show Jumping in North America. In partnership with some of the top hosting venues in Canada, the USA and Mexico, equestrian athletes compete on 8 teams composed of 6riders from May through December.

Not only does Major League Show Jumping bring an established series of world-class competition to North America, it also allows riders the equal opportunity to earn World Ranking points as those competing inEurope.

“I am so excited to have the addition of the MLSJ to the NorthAmerican Circuit! It will be great to have more 5* events and afew new venues to compete at.”


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CSI5* Major LeagueShow Jumping is coming to tbird for the CanadianPremier from May 24-29. Here’s how you can join in on all the action:

Saturday May 28
$200,000 CSI5* Team Competition & $75,000 CSI5*Canadian Individual 1.45-1.50m

Sunday May 29 – 2 pm
$218,000 CSI5* Grand Prix 1.55m


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Registered horses and riders at participating shows are eligible to receive veterinary and/or medical reimbursement in case of injury during competition.With increased focus and awareness by premier equestrian sport organizers on the importance of equine and rider welfare and access to care, ShowPlus has been rapidly adopted throughout North America.

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Entries Opening for 2022 Show Season

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