Staying on the property is a great way to be the closest possible to the horse show with all the comforts your RV offers.

Reservation Requests

Tbird has more than 90 spots on the property and many more requests than spots available. Spots are provided on a first requested first placed basis so please submit your request on the opening date for the best chance to receive a reservation. We will only provide spots to competitors who have an entry in the show, not the waitlist show. Priority will be given to two week reservations, one week reservations will be placed second, if additional spots are available.

Two months or as early as possible, before the show Tbird will release an initial list of confirmed reservations, as scratches and changes happen Tbird will update the confirmed list. If you are moved off the waiting list to the confirmed list, the show office will email you to confirm you would like the spot. Your spot location will be shared shortly before the show.

Spot Details

Tbird has 30 amp and 50 amp plug in services, we do our best to accommodate your requested amperage but are limited by our inventory of spots. We have septic on most of the spots and pump outs offered on Wednesday and Saturday for non septic spots.