Photography Policy

Official Photographers 

  • Kady Dane

 All professional photographers shooting for private clients are required to apply for a photographer pass. 

tbird Private Photographer Policy: 

  • Individual weekly passes are $800 per photographer – or – $400* per week + 10 high resolution photos for social & editorial use (on tbird social channels & in tbird’s Premium magazine).
  • The private photographer fee is to be paid in advance. Photographers are required to provide their client list (to a maximum of 10) and proof of Accident Liability Insurance for review prior to the start of the event.
  • Private photography credentials are awarded on a first come, first served basis.
  • Approved credentials are non-transferable and may not be swapped between representatives.
  • Private photographer passes grant access to the MEDIA CENTRE and to breakfast and lunch in the OFFICIALS TENT. 

Private Photographer Rules 

  • Credentials must be visible at all times. 
  • Official Photographers will have priority in positioning around the arenas. 
  • Accredited photographers are allowed inside arenas for awards ceremonies upon request and must stay in the designated photo area. 
  • Private photographers may not shoot in the ring nor place remote camera equipment in the ring or alongside the ring with prior approval by the Press Officer. 

Media Photographers/Videographers 

Photographers representing newspapers, magazines, websites, and other media, with the purpose of appearing in print and online placements, must apply for media credentials and be approved by tbird. Photos taken with a media credential may only be used for media purposes and cannot be sold to non-media businesses.

Media photographers must apply for each week they plan to cover competitions at tbird.

Media passes grant access to tbird’s MEDIA CENTRE and complimentary breakfast and lunch in the OFFICIALS TENT.

*Pricing option to be approved at tbird’s discretion