tbird Pays Your Tab: Five Show For Free at BC Open

The tbird show office has become a most festive location on Friday afternoons. Thunderbird Show Park brought five entry fees to $0 to kick off the weekend at the Odlum Brown BC Open, as part of the “tbird Pays Your Tab” initiative.

During each of tbird’s 10 major show tournaments, five exhibitors are chosen at random to receive a free entry at the horse show. Throughout the course of the season, tbird will pay for a total of 50 entries. The milestone giveaways began at the April Season Opener and continue through the BCHJA Fall Finale in September.

This week’s lucky winners included Alicia Stein (Atlas RPH), Connor Dennis (Violette d’Amore), Lauren Esdale (Hilco), Joanne Lauzon (Columbia 27) and Sloan Betker (Canberre 59).

Every horse entered at tbird is automatically added to the draw each week. Check back in June and July to see who tbird picks up the tab for next!