Jikke-Cara and Alison Robitaille Hop to the Top of the CSI2* 1.40m Two-Phase

It wasn’t Alison Robitaille’s intention to go fast or be particularly competitive in Thursday morning ’s CSI2* 1.40m Two-Phase with Jikke-Cara, it being their first time out on the grass field of the Fort Grand Prix Arena at Thunderbird Show Park. But “Bunny Rabbit” as she is known in the barn (because she looks like the emoji of course) picked up the pace and kept on rolling, right to the top of the 60-horse field. 

“We were lucky to show in Wellington on the grass recently, so we got our feet wet out there,” remarked Robitaille. “She has a very big stride — I left out a stride down the very first line and just was able to keep that pace throughout the whole course.”

A relatively new pairing, Robitaille purchased the Dutch Warmblood mare in 2022 from world no. 9 Kent Farrington (USA). 

“She was in Europe, so [I bought her] pretty much sight unseen. But [Kent] thought it would be good match. She came over in quarantine and I agreed with him—and off we went,” said Robitaille.

The pair have been training with Farrington for the past year and developing their partnership at the 1.35m-1.40m height. They have clear round average of 67% over six rounds at the 1.40m-1.45m level, according to Jumpr App.

Honourable mention goes to Canada’s Susan Horn with three in the top-ten.

CSI2* $1,000 1.40M 

Place / Horse / Rider / Owner / Country / Rd 1 Faults / JO Faults:JO Time

  1. Jikke-Cara / Alison Robitaille / Alison Firestone LLC / USA / 0/0:35.38
  2. Fasole Du Seigneur / Alexis Sokolov / Rider / USA / 0/0:35.8
  3. Cadeau Z / Mandy Porter / Risen Eq Holdings LLC / USA / 0/0:38.61
  4. Chacca Keeps II / Susan Horn / Kingsfield Farm / CAN / 0/0:38.79
  5. Valentino D’Elte / Vanessa Mannix / Rider / CAN / 0/0:38.98
  6. Casturano / Conor Swail / Rider / IRE / 0/0:39
  7. Kirlo Van Den Bosrand / Susan Horn / Kingsfield Farm / CAN / 0/0:39.24
  8. KS Coradina / Susan Horn / Kingsfield Farm / CAN / 0/0:40.27
  9. Oaks Come By Chance / David Cameron / Rider / AUS / 0/0:40.74
  10. Oaks Cassanova / Samuel Overton / Rider / AUS / 0/0:40.88