Bereznicki Bests $5,000 MarBill Hill U25 1.40m

Young riders had their second chance at scoring the top spot in their division in the $5,000 MarBill Hill U25 1.40m. Moved into the Thunderbird Jumper Arena to preserve the pristine conditions on the grass, 28 young athletes took on the 1.40m track, set in a speed format, and attempted to navigate the course clear and quickly.

As second to last in the order of go, Canada’s Anya Bereznicki and Diazella blazed around the track and took risks while keeping up the pace around every turn, crossing the beams in a time of 62.38. Second place honors went to Canadian Eric Krawitt and Chicago HD in 63.49 seconds, while fellow Canadian Carly Stevens rounded out the top three with VIP Des Majuros in 64.18 seconds.

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